Nieto Marketing and our core team of creative
and technical experts offer branding, strategy and communication know-how for your growing business.

We take the time to understand your business before we jump in.

Our Approach

We do what we say we’re going
to do, and we do it well.

Our Philosophy

We want to have such a mutually
rewarding relationship that we brag
about each other to our friends, our associates and even our grandmothers.

Our Goal


Nieto Marketing opened in 2013 with a foundation of more than 20 years in corporate technology and marketing — in businesses across markets — from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.


The belief that we should work with only skilled people we value and trust is what the core team of experts was built upon. Combine that with a solid and reliable talent deck of creative and technical professionals (real Rock Stars in their respective fields), Nieto Marketing has the power of any large agency, but retains the personal and flexible attributes of a one-man band.


Melea Nieto
Founder and CEO


I received my degree in Organizational Communications from the University of Houston, and spent the next 20 years planning, developing and implementing strategic marking and technology solutions.

I lead our company’s business development activities, but I also engage in every one of our client’s projects; from oversight and management to performing specific tasks and detailed work.

My favorite quote for business…

"I not only use all the brains I have, but all that I can borrow."  — Woodrow Wilson.  I believe that success comes from collectively utilizing the knowledge and experience I have, that of my team and that of the customer.

What I love about my job…

I enjoy the diversity of the industries we serve. It’s fun to be exposed to new customers and markets. I challenge our team to be simultaneously prudent, systematic and creative when we come up with solutions for our customers. The best reward is seeing our new clients become
long-term partners. That means we’ve done a great job!


My E-Colors are yellow/blue.
I'm a socializer/relater.
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Staci Glassco

Integrated Marketing Manager


As a life-long Houstonian, I have more than 20 years of experience supporting companies in the manufacturing, retail and energy business.

I lead our company’s integration and support initiatives, which touch on every client in every facet of their businesses.  While much of what I tend to is detailed in nature, I also keep an eye the big picture, thus enabling me to help our company and our clients manage their marketing initiatives more efficiently.

My business mantra…

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” — John C. Maxwell   
Words matter, but the work you deliver and the attitude that you deliver it with will earn friends and customers for life.

I am most fulfilled in my work when…

I am left with a feeling of accomplishment at the day’s end -  not only checking off items on my to-do list, but more so, when my work leaves a positive impact on our company or out clients.


My E-Colors are yellow/red.
I'm a socializer/doer.
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Jennifer Haydon
Creative Director


I’m a seasoned graphic designer with 12 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. I earned my bachelor’s degree in graphic design from The Art Institute.

Creative thinking and successful project outcome is key for me. As the lead of our creative team, I take on the responsibility for visually building, enhancing and protecting our client’s brand.

Where do I find my passion for design…

I enjoy brainstorming new ideas and bringing my own design prospective and industry knowledge to the table. It’s exciting to take on the challenge of creating innovative designs. And through this process, I get to help our client reach their marketing goals. Wow, I love what I do!

The best career advice I ever got…

“Always be willing to learn new things.” This is especially true in today’s market when it comes to advancing technology, new software and online/digital trends. The goal here is to not only know about them, but also know how to effectively use these tools for success.

My E-Colors are blue/green.
I'm a relater/thinker.
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